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Please let me introduce myself. I am Ian Morris, Your Go To Lawyer. 
I believe there is a better way to make the best legal advice available to every person who wants or needs it. My aim is to ensure that you, my client, can speak to me regarding any legal matter and I will offer you the best solution to suit your circumstances. Just think of me as your "legal GP" to whom you can turn for advice and help with any legal problem. 
With over 30 years of experience in the law, Your Go To Lawyer can help you with any legal issue and together with my hand-picked team of experts will deliver a better quality service at half of the cost of other options you may be considering. 
As Your Go To Lawyer, I will: 
be open and transparent about fees and the time your case ought to take; 
involve experts at the earliest opportunity; and 
make the process as stress-free as possible for you.  
Depending on the nature of your legal issue I may recommend that you need the services of a Barrister. As Your Go To Lawyer I will help you find the best Barrister to suit your needs and guide you through the process. 
Whether you are considering taking legal action, or are on the receiving end of legal action, contact Your Go To Lawyer now for a no-obligation discussion. 
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